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Viewing Component Information in Nexus Repository 2

Nexus Repository 2

In Nexus Repository Manager, the Artifact Search feature helps you find components in your repositories. In the search results, you can drill down for more detailed information. For example, after you perform a search, click Show All Versions, if available, in the search results to see information such as version, age, popularity, and more. This is displayed in the figure below.



To get results that are not in the local Nexus Repository Manager cache, you will want to make sure the Download Remote Index option is enabled for the proxy repository. For guidance on this, check out Configuring Repositories.

Once you’ve configured the IQ Server connection, additional component information such as security issues is displayed in the Nexus Repository Manager search results, for example:



Nexus Repository Manager search is only available for open source Java components.

You can access more detailed component information by selecting a component and clicking the Component Info tab located below the search results.



Only users that are logged in will be able to see the Component Info tab.

On the Component Info tab, when you select one of the applications configured in your IQ Server, the Component Information Panel (CIP) is displayed. It contains the most granular details about a component.


Component Details

The Component Info tab in Nexus Repository Manager has a Component Details button that opens a new tab with information about any policy violations, license issues, or security vulnerabilities that are known about a specific component.



In order to see the details for additional components, select another component from the search results, or select a different version in the CIP, and then click the View Details button.