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Repository Size Calculation Performance Data

The repository size calculation test case evaluates performance when loading the the repository sizes displayed under Administration (cog icon) → RepositoryRepositories. Sonatype introduced this feature in release 3.68.0, and it is only available for deployments using a PostgreSQL database.

Repository Size Performance Test Environment

All repository size calculation performance tests used the same Nexus Repository node, RDS instance (m5d.2xlarge), and PostgreSQL database containing ~3.2 million components (15 million assets). The instance had two types of repositories:

  • small repositories (~250MB) identified as maven-central-{number}

  • large repositories (~2.2GB) identified as maven-snapshot-{number}

Performance Results for Initializing Repository Size Calculations

During our performance testing, it took Nexus Repository the following lengths of time (in milliseconds) to calculate the sizes of given repository sets:

  • First 20 Repositories - 92,624ms

  • Second 20 Repositories - 92,311ms

  • Third 20 Repositories - 86,921ms

  • Fourth 2 Repositories - 149,855ms

This cumulates to a total 421,713 ms (421.71 seconds or 7.03 minutes) initial repository size calculation time. Notably, calculation time for 2 repositories was not any less than calculation time for 20 repositories.

Performance Results for Updating Repository Size

Performance testing for updating repository size returned the following results:

Repositories for which Size was Updated

Size Calculation Time (in milliseconds)

  • maven-snapshot-23

  • maven-central-6

  • maven-central-16


  • maven-central-14

  • maven-snapshot-30


This resulted in a 77-second average size calculation time for updating repository size.