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Developer Dashboard

The Developer Dashboard is a starting point for development teams engaging with Lifecycle.


Sonatype Developer is part of the Product Preview Program (PPP).

  • Track how Sonatype Lifecycle has been integrated into their SDLC

  • Uncover where new integrations could be added

  • Shared information on the integration available through

Lifecycle allows you to automate the analysis of open-source and enforcement of governance policies during your build process. Your application build pipelines are open to risk when quality checks are not part of your build pipeline. The overview page summarizes risks to your build pipeline by showing the gaps in your coverage.

  • List of applications that are not currently configured with CI/CD analysis

  • List of applications that do not have automated source control feedback enabled

  • The number of developers that are using an IDE plugin

CI/CD Integrations

Continuous integration and deployment platforms supported by Lifecycle.


SCM Integrations

Details on the supported SCM environments.


Issue Tracking Integrations

Available integrations for issue-tracking tools


IDE Integrations

Details on the available IDE plugins for Lifecycle deployments.