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User Management with Sonatype Cloud

Adding or removing users to the Sonatype cloud instance.

Cloud user management view

Authenticated users are visible in the User Management view. Navigate to Users from the System Preferences menu

Manage your users that have access to your tenant

Adding new users

  1. Select Users from the System Preferences menu and select the Invite User button

  2. Enter the user details and select Send to confirm

  3. A "Getting Started" email with instructions to set up authentication will be sent to the users

Invite a User to join your tenant

Deleting users

  1. Navigate to the User Management view

  2. Select the Delete icon to delete the user

Adding a service account

We recommend using service accounts to connect your tenant to integrations such as your repository manager. This account needs to be granted access to the tenant configuration and will be managed by your security administrator.

  1. Add a user with the steps above

  2. Select the profile icon at the top right and select Manage User Token

  3. Select Generate User Token and save the token credentials

Using your identity provider

You may use service accounts created by your identity provider.

  1. Create a designated service account for server configuration using your identity provider

  2. Set your identity provider as an authorization realm on your tenant

  3. Sign into your tenant using your designated service account credentials

  4. Follow the steps to generate a user token