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Sonatype Nexus Repository 3.54.0 - 3.54.1 Release Notes

Released May 22, 2023

Highlights in This Release

Refreshed Outreach Page

We've refreshed and enhanced the Sonatype Nexus Repository outreach page with modern designs, useful links, and up-to-date information about new features that we've recently released.

Export Unused Assets PRO

We've adjusted our repository export task to allow you to easily export unused assets.

Renaming IQ Server- and Firewall-Related Capabilities

We have renamed the IQ Audit and Quarantine capability to Firewall Audit and Quarantine and hidden the IQ Server Configuration capability from the Capabilities screen. Functionality is not impacted, and you will still configure your connection to IQ Server via the IQ Server tab in the user interface.

Sonatype Nexus Repository 3.54.0 was never officially released and was found to contain a bug that we fixed in 3.54.1. Please use 3.54.1 and do not upgrade to 3.54.0.

Refreshed Outreach Page

You may have noticed that we've refreshed Sonatype Nexus Repository's front page!


Our new outreach page is sleek, modern, and functional. We will be keeping it updated with relevant and useful information as we release new features and improvements. You can expect to see regular updates in the What's New? section, a running list of recent releases with links to their release notes, and alerts when we release new versions.

We've also added shortcuts to help you find what you need more quickly. Whether you need to find answers in our Help docs, want quick access to browse repositories, ask questions in the Sonatype Community, or just want to catch up on what's new in the Sonatype Nexus Repository, you can find what you need on our new and improved front page!

Not seeing what we're talking about? You may have disabled your Outreach Management capability.

Make sure to keep it enabled to stay up-to-date on the latest Sonatype Nexus Repository news and release announcements!

Export Unused Assets

Some Sonatype Nexus Repository Pro customers have expressed the desire to be able to identify and export unused content from Sonatype Nexus Repository. To make this easier, we've adjusted our repository export task to include a new field that allows you to limit your export to include only unused assets.

The new field appears in the Repository - Export assets task configuration form and is labeled Threshold (in days) of unused assets to include. Setting this field to a specific number will result in exporting only assets that have not been updated or downloaded in the configured number of days. You can leave the field blank to include all assets. See the Repository Export help topic for more details about this task.

Once you've exported the unused assets, you can import them to a separate backup server as documented in our Repository Import help topic.

Renaming of IQ Server and Firewall Related Capabilities

As we continue bringing our product line together in a more unified platform approach, we have adjusted some of our capabilities in Sonatype Nexus Repository. To more clearly identify the Sonatype product providing the functionality, the IQ Audit and Quarantine capability is now called Firewall Audit and Quarantine. This is solely a user interface adjustment and has no impact on functionality.

We have also opted to hide our IQ Server Configuration capability from the Capabilities screen in order to simplify user experience. You will still configure Sonatype Nexus Repository's connection to IQ Server (required for using Sonatype Repository Firewall) via the user interface in the IQ Server tab (See Connecting IQ Server).

Bug Fixes

Sonatype will retire our public-facing Jira instances on May 25, 2023. This includes The decision is necessitated by a need for increased security as well as to replace a system that is almost at “end of life” with Atlassian.

Moving forward, please watch the Release Notes for a list of issues fixed in each product release.

Customers with active subscriptions to Sonatype solutions may report defects by raising a support incident at

Users of Sonatype Nexus Repository OSS should file issues in Please see for more details.

The following bug fix is included in the 3.54.1 release:

Added recently provided patch fixing theGroovyCastException that was occurring when installing the nexus gem.

Fixed the known issue from 3.53.0 for those using community or custom plugins. These plugins now load as expected.

Added validation so that users can only add valid privileges. Note that when creating privileges, multiple actions must be listed without spaces after commas. See Privileges for full details.

Those upgrading to this version or later may see resultant validation errors in the UI for custom privileges created before upgrade.

NEXUS-37518 - Fixed an issue that was causing errors when running the Docker - Delete unused manifests and images task.

NEXUS-38740 - Fixed an issue that was preventing NuGet v3 search from returning components with ".<numeral>" in the component name under some search conditions.

Plugins bundled as .kar files that are installed via $install-dir/deploy now start as expected.

Updated documentation to better explain how metadata is impacted during repository import.