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Viewing Component Information

Required Permissions

  • nx-search-read > access to the top search bar

  • nx-repository-view-*-*-browse > to browse repos

  • nx-healthcheck-alerts-read > view the Components IQ tab

  • nx-repository-view-*-*-read > view the Components IQ tab results

In Nexus Repository Manager, the Search feature helps you find assets and components in your repositories. In the search results, you can drill down for more detailed information. For example, after you perform a search, click a component to see its associated assets.


Click an asset to access its summary information, attributes, and component intelligence.



To enable viewing this information for a logged in user, give them a role with the following privilege:

  • nx-healthcheck-alerts-read

Click Component IQ to get more detailed information. Component intelligence is presented in the context of an IQ Server application.

Next, click the IQ Application dropdown list and select one of the applications configured in your IQ Server.

The Component Information Panel (CIP) is displayed, which contains the most granular details about a component.


Component IQ

Please go to the Component Info View page to find more details on the information available.

Component Details

The Component IQ tab in Nexus Repository Manager has a Component Details button that opens a new tab in your browser with information about any policy violations, license issues, or security vulnerabilities that are known about a specific component.