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Sonatype Repository Firewall Classic Sunsetting


The Sonatype Product Development Lifecycle (PDLC), including definitions of each stage, is fully defined in Sonatype Sunsetting Information

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The Sonatype PDLC is designed to keep us continually improving our products and to ensure that our customers have access to our best features and functionality. This also helps us provide quality support services for our features and products. To this end, Sonatype will sunset and remove the product Sonatype Repository Firewall Classic. Existing licenses for the classic version of the Repository Firewall will have to switch to the Next-Gen Firewall product.

Sonatype Product


Beginning of Extended Maintenance

Sunset Date

Reasoning for Sunset

Next Steps

Sonatype Repository Firewall Classic

Extended Maintenance

January 9, 2024

April 9, 2025

This product has been replaced by Next-Gen Firewall.

Customers currently licensed for FIrewall Classic should switch to Next-Gen Firewall

Contact your account managerfor further guidance

Review the following guide for switching to Next Gen Firewall