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Email Server Configuration

The repository manager may send out email messages for a number of reasons. In order for these messages to be delivered, you need to configure the connection to the SMTP server under the Email Server menu item in the System section of the Administration menu as displayed in Figure: “Email Server Configuration”.

The ability to access this item can be given by granting the user the nx-settings privilege. Note that the nx-settings privilege gives access to a number of pages of the same theme. There is no privilege to give access to just this item without others.

Email server configuration form

The following configuration options are available:


Determines whether email sending is activated or not, independent of a server being configured.

Host and Port

The name of the host and the port to use to connect to the SMTP server.

Use the Nexus truststore

This checkbox allows you to configure the repository manager to use its certificate truststore. You can also view and import the certificate from the email server. Further details are documented in Configuring SSL.

Username and Password

The credentials of the user of the SMTP server to use for authentication.

From address

This parameter defines the email address used in the "From:" header of any email sent by the repository manager. Typically, this is configured as a "Do-Not-Reply" email address or a mailbox or mailing list monitored by the administrators of the repository manager.

Subject prefix

This parameter allows you to define a prefix used in the subject line of all emails sent by the repository manager. This allows the recipients to set up automatic filtering and sorting easily. An example is

[Nexus Notification] .

SSL/TLS options

These options can be used to configure usage of Transport Layer Security (TLS) and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) when emails are sent by the repository manager using SMTP. These options include the ability to use STARTTLS, which upgrades the initially established, plain connection to be encrypted when sending emails. The following options are available to you:

Enable STARTTLS support for insecure connections

This checkbox allows you to enable support for upgrading insecure connections using STARTTLS.

Require STARTTLS support

This checkbox requires that insecure connections are upgraded using STARTTLS. If this is not supported by the SMTP server, no emails are sent.

Enable SSL/TLS encryption upon connection

This checkbox enables SSL/TLS encryption for the transport on connection using SMTPS/POPS.

Enable server identity check

This option verifies the server certificate when using TLS or SSL, following the RFC 2595 specification.

Once you have configured the parameters you can use the Verify email server section to confirm the configured parameters and the successful connection to the server. You are asked to provide an email address that should receive a test email message. Successful sending is confirmed in a message.

Verify email server section