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IQ Server Realms

IQ Server allows users to be authenticated through various Identity provider services (i.e security realms).

Some IQ Server REST API endpoints accept one or more realm identifiers listed below.




Internal Realm


The default realm is where users are added directly to the IQ server.

User Token Realm


This is a secondary realm in that it requires a user to identify with their user token, which is generated after identifying with a different primary realm.

Given a user token, it identifies the corresponding user using the IQ Server database and any external resources that may be needed depending on which primary realm the user generated their user token with.

LDAP Realm


This realm identifies users using one or more LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) servers

see LDAP Integration.

SAML Realm


This realm identifies users using the SAML Integration.

Crowd Realm


This realm identifies users using the Atlassian Crowd Integration Configuration.

Reverse Proxy Realm


This realm identifies users via usernames sent in request headers from a reverse proxy server if configured. In this case the reverse proxy server should check user credentials instead of IQ Server.

Realm IDs


The LDAP Server ID can be found in the UI, when editing an LDAP Server it is the path segment after "/ldap/edit/" e.g. given "/ldap/edit/143505147bab4daca0d20f45bb11335c" the LDAP Server ID is "143505147bab4daca0d20f45bb11335c".

Alternatively, a System Administrator can find all LDAP Server IDs by making an HTTP GET request to "/rest/config/ldap".