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Post-Deployment Steps for HA


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After you have completed your high availability (HA) deployment, there are a few steps you must take before you can fully use Sonatype Nexus Repository in its new HA environment.

Configuring Docker Repositories

As outlined in System Requirements for High Availability Deployments, if you plan to use more than one Docker repository, you must use one of the following:

We highly recommend using one of these two methods. However, if you do only plan to have one Docker repository and will use port connectors instead of one of the above methods, then you must do the following:

  1. Created the Docker repository in Sonatype Nexus Repository and specified a port (see our Docker format documentation).

  2. Fill out an Ingress for Docker YAML and a Docker Service YAML (samples provided below).

  3. Apply the Ingress for Docker YAML first.

  4. Apply the Docker Service YAML second.

The Ingress for Docker YAML exposes the Docker service so that it can be reached from outside the Kubernetes cluster (i.e., the service created by Docker Services YAML). The Docker Service YAML creates a Kubernetes service through which a Docker repository can be reached via an HTTP port.

Sample YAMLs can be found in the following locations:


The YAML files linked in this section are just examples and cannot be used as-is. You must fill them out with the appropriate information for your deployment to be able to use them.

Rebuild Metadata Tasks


The rebuild metadata tasks described in this section are an upgrade requirement for anyone upgrading to 3.48.0+ and are not specific to HA deployments. However, if you did not upgrade to 3.48.0 or 3.49.0, you will need to run these tasks after upgrading to Sonatype Nexus Repository 3.50.0 or later.

After your deployment, you will need to run a Task for each existing Apt, Helm, and Yum repository in order to rebuild their metadata:

  • Apt - Rebuild Apt metadata for each Apt repository

  • Helm - Rebuild Helm metadata for each Helm repository

  • Repair - Rebuild Yum repository metadata (repodata) for each Yum repository

Rebuild Search Index Task


No action required; this is handled automatically as of release 3.51.0. We have provided the information below for your awareness.

As described in the Search Feature Differences section, HA uses different technology for its search behavior (SQL Search rather than Elasticsearch). Due to this change, Sonatype Nexus Repository must run a Repair - Rebuild repository search task for each hosted repository in your Sonatype Nexus Repository deployment. This will happen automatically once you migrate to HA and start Sonatype Nexus Repository and may take some time depending on the amount of data there is to process.