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IQ Server High Availability Installation

Sonatype IQ Server High Availability (HA) enables you to recover from failures or disruptions to the underlying host infrastructure with minimal downtime.

IQ Server High Availability is tested and verified with the named technologies and platforms mentioned in this section. Equivalent technologies and platforms are not currently supported by Sonatype.


Sonatype IQ Server High Availability (HA) feature should be fully deployed and tested in a staging environment, before deploying to production.

General Requirements for HA Installation

  1. PostgreSQL database (10.7 or higher) or PostgreSQL-compatible service

  2. The most recent version of the IQ Server HA Helm chart

    • Instructions are found in the Helm README

  3. A Kubernetes cluster to run the IQ HA Helm chart:

    1. Amazon EKS for AWS deployments

    2. Kubernetes cluster for on-premises deployments

  4. Each node meeting IQ Server's system requirements

  5. Shared network storage

    1. (IQ HA supports NFSv4 and AWS EFS storage options)

  6. A load balancer


The following deployment models have specific requirements in addition to those above.