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Firewall results in Nexus Repository

Detailed audit results are found in the Firewall Repository Result pages.

The repository audit results are summarized in the Firewall Report column of the Repositories view in the Administration menu. In previous versions, this column was called IQ Policy Violations.

The Firewall Report column includes the following items:

  • Count of components by their highest policy violation level

  • Count of quarantined components

  • Link to the results on the Firewall server


The Firewall Report column will alert to any errors in the audit process. A red exclamation mark and description of the error appear for any errors. Details are available in the Nexus Repository log file.

Access the report through the capabilities menu

You can access the results from the Capabilities submenu on the Administration menu if you have permission to add capabilities in the Nexus Repository.

  1. Navigate to the Capabilities page

  2. Select Firewall: Audit and Quarantine for a specific repository

  3. Select View Results in the Capabilities / Firewall: Audit and Quarantine status section

Grant privileges to view the summary results

Access to the detailed audit reports is managed in the Firewall server. In Nexus Repository, a summary of the repository results is displayed in the repository view of the administration panel. Access to this view is assigned to the Nexus Repository admin role by default, however, access can be granted to other users by assigning them the following privilege:


Users without permission to the results summary see Audit Enabled or Quarantine Enabled

  • nx-repository-view—read

  • nexus:Iq-violation-summary:read