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Sonatype Product Overview

Our vision is to change how the world innovates through intelligent software development.


Maven Central Repository

The world’s largest Java repository, administered by Sonatype


Sonatype Repository Firewall

Automatically spot and stop risk before entering your repository


Sonatype Lifecycle

Achieve faster release velocity with reliable SDLC security automation


Sonatype SBOM Manager

Software Bill of Materials compliance


Sonatype Nexus Repository

Smart repository to manage and build artifacts, trusted by more than 150K organizations


Advance Legal Pack

Automate and streamline OSS component licensing and legal compliance


Sonatype Developer

Prioritized recommendations and reliable automation for developer velocity.


Sonatype Container

Protection for container network, process, and file system

Sonatype solutions are licensed to unlock productivity features across the software development lifecycle. The solutions are built from our core products; Sonatype Nexus Repository 3, Sonatype IQ Server, and our numerous integrations.

To understand which features are unlocked by a particular license, we've included matrices to assist:

Repository Manager Feature Matrix

IQ Download and Compatibility

Solutions (License)

Products (What's Installed)

Sonatype Nexus Repository OSS 3

Sonatype Nexus Repository 3

Sonatype Nexus Repository Pro 3

Sonatype Nexus Repository 3

Sonatype Nexus Repository OSS 2

Sonatype Nexus Repository 2

Sonatype Nexus Repository Pro 2

Sonatype Nexus Repository 2

Sonatype Lifecycle

Sonatype IQ Server

Sonatype Repository Firewall

Sonatype IQ Server & Sonatype Nexus Repository

Sonatype Auditor

Sonatype IQ Server

Sonatype Cloud & SaaS

managed by Sonatype