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Configuring Base URL

IQ Server uses the base URL value to construct links inside the notifications it sends. For example, if IQ Server sends an email as part of an application policy alert, it will use the base URL to construct a link that leads directly to the Application Report.

You must configure the base URL before configuring email notifications, and using features such as integrations with SCM and Jira.

If you have set the application context path to a custom value, append the custom application context path to the baseUrl.

Ways to Configure Base URL

  1. From the System Preferences menu

  2. Using REST API (Releases 138 and higher)

  3. From config.yml (Releases 137 and lower)

From the System Preferences Menu

1. Log into the IQ Server using a user account assigned to the System Administrator role.

2, In the System Preferences menu on the IQ Server toolbar, click Base URL.


3. Enter the base URL for your IQ server. Click Save Configuration.



With releases 138 and higher, the baseURL property of IQ Server configured using the Configuration REST API, instead of config.yml.

From config.yml

Setting the base URL for releases 137 and lower. Releases 138 and higher will no longer retrieve the base URL from config.yml.

Uncomment the baseUrl setting in config.yml