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Grouping Docker Repositories

A repository group is the recommended way to expose all your repositories for read access to your users. It allows you to pull images from all repositories in the group without needing any further client side configuration after the initial setup. A repository group allows you to expose the aggregated content of multiple proxy and hosted repositories with one URL to your tools.

To create a Docker repository group, simply create a new docker (group) repository as documented in Repository Management.

Minimal configuration steps are:

  • Define Name

  • Select Blob store for Storage

  • Add Docker repositories to the Members list in the desired order

Typically the member list includes a mixture of proxy and hosted repositories to allow access to public as well as private images.

Using the Repository Connectors port of the repository group and the URL of the repository manager in your client tool gives you access to the container images in all repositories from the group. Any new images added as well as any new repositories added to the group will automatically be available.

Using a Pro version, you can push images to the group repository as documented in Pushing Images.