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Option 1 - Manual High Availability Deployment


Only available in Sonatype Nexus Repository Pro. Interested in a free trial? Start here.


Sonatype Nexus Repository High Availability deployments should be fully deployed and tested in a development environment before attempting to deploy in production. Improper deployment in a production environment may result in critical data loss.

Use Cases

HA is designed to protect against the following scenarios:

  • An Availability Zone (AZ) outage within a single region

  • A virtual machine/bare metal/EC2 instance failure

  • A Nexus Repository instance failure

It also provides the following necessary functionality to highly scalable Nexus Repository deployments that must meet varying loads:

  • Manually scale repository instances

  • Auto scale instances in AWS/Azure

  • Deploy in Kubernetes to facilitate scaling instances up and down without having to shut down Nexus Repository



  1. Nexus Repository instances will have to be shut down to upgrade.

  2. We do not recommend deploying HA clusters across regions due to the large number of database interactions is involved in HA.

  3. In the absence of a distributed solution for logging, local disks are required to persist the log files that are needed for support zip creation.


To set up a Sonatype Nexus Repository cluster manually, you must configure each Sonatype Nexus Repository instance following our documentation for Configuring Nexus Repository Pro for PostgreSQL.

Blob Storage

When first launching Nexus Repository with HA enabled, the default repositories and blobstore are not created. Administrators will need to create blob stores in a shared location.

For existing deployments, use the Migrating to Shared Blob Storage to change your blob store's path to connect to a shared location.

Enable HA Property

Beyond the instructions linked above, you must also modify the $data-dir/ sonatype-work/nexus3/etc/ in each instance to include the following line:

nexus.datastore.clustered.enabled = true


If you accidentally start in the wrong mode, you will need to shut down any started instances, set the flag above on each instance, and then restart each instance.

License Store for On-Premises and Cloud

As outlined in the documentation for Configuring Nexus Repository Pro for PostgreSQL, you should specify the license file via the nexus.licenseFile in $data-dir/sonatype-work/nexus3/etc/ by adding the following line, replacing the placeholders with the appropriate path to point to your valid Pro license:


Log Store

You will find Sonatype Nexus Repository logs on each instance in the data directory (i.e., $data-dir/sonatype-work/nexus3/logs/).

Each Sonatype Nexus Repository instance will write logs to the local disk. The correct instance will respond to support zip generation requests and store the generated zip in the blob store.