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Component End-of-Life

The component intelligence built into Sonatype Lifecycle can detect End-of-Life (EOL) for open-source software (OSS) project or a particular version of it will no longer be maintained or supported by the community. EOL OSS components will not receive feature enhancements, security updates or patches, bug fixes. This makes EOL components vulnerable to security threats, in addition to causing compatibility issues.

This dashboard displays a list of applications and the corresponding EOL components detected by Lifecycle. Based on this data, you can strategically plan to retire old OSS components and migrate to the latest supported ones.

The last updated date for the visualizations on this page is displayed at the top. This dashboard is updated on a daily basis.



This section contains a list of all application IDs (or application names, if available) containing EOL components.


Click on any application ID in the list to view the EOL components in the adjacent EOL Components pane.

EOL Components

This section contains a list of all EOL components, the corresponding format and nature of the dependency as found in the applications. The no. of occurrences of a component in this table depends upon the different types of dependencies it exhibits in the application.


Click on any component to view the applications where it is used, in the adjacent Applications pane.