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Working with Your User Profile

As a logged-in user, you can click on your user name on the right-hand side of the main toolbar to switch the main menu to contain the User menu. Pressing on the Account menu item displays the Account feature in the main feature panel as displayed here:


The Account feature allows you to edit your First Name, Last Name and Email directly in the form, as well as change your password.

To change your password, fill in the required fields in the bottom half of the form: Current Password, New PasswordandNew Password (Confirm). Your new password cannot be the same as your current password and the New Password and New Password (Confirm) fields must match.


The password change feature only works with the built-in security realm. If you are using an external security realm, like LDAP, this option will not be visible.

Only users with the nx-userschangepw Privilege will be able to update their passwords.