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Project Commencement (1st year)

Schedule a Champion's Workshop

  • The Sonatype Lifecycle Champions Workshop introduces advanced concepts on reporting and remediation workflows.

  • A one-day workshop on training the champions who will train your development teams.

  • Schedule a champion's workshop after your policy workshop.

Establish a workflow for violation remediation and risk management

  • View remediation best practices for details.

Socialize expectations and train development teams

  • Hands-on training is more successful than email links to a scan report.

  • Use common socializing tools to set expectations and provide immediate support.

    • Lunch and learns

    • Developer workshops

    • Slack channels

    • Component remediation catalog

    • Remediation decision trees and workflows

  • Use short-term waivers for issues that will take longer to complete

Configure notifications for newly discovered violations

  • Initial scans are noisy as you fine-tune your policies

  • Provide development teams time to review the initial reports

  • Automate notifications for newly discovered violations only

Report successes and challenges while reviewing desired outcomes

  • Avoid nagging on technical debt. The scan-and-scold is rarely effective

  • Track achievable goals to celebrate developer success

  • Measure against initial outcomes to keep your goals in focus