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Lifecycle Deployment Best Practices

The following best practices are based on recommendations used in successful deployments. Success comes from the coordinated effort of your developers and open-source governance champions. The Customer Success team can help tailor and plan to meet your organization's needs.

Review the best practices for each phase of your deployment.

  • Project Initiation (1st month)

  • Project Pilot (first 2 months)

  • Project Commencement (1st year)


Architecture Overview

The Sonatype Lifecycle solution is comprised of the following components:

Server infrastructure


Sonatype IQ Server

  • UI configuration and reporting service

external Postgres database (optional)

  • recommended for production environments

reverse proxy

  • SSL termination and load balancing

outbound data connection


ci/build servers

  • evaluate applications during the build

  • automatic policy enforcement

ticketing or reporting tools

  • Jira, SCM, email, Slack, Webhooks, etc.

  • for automated governance workflows

development tools

  • Sonatype Firewall, ide plugins, chrome plugin, etc.

  • shifting policy left

Best practices to consider when deploying the Sonatype IQ Server