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SBOM Bill of Material View

The Bill of Materials view summarizes the components and their risk found in the SBOM, focusing on annotating the vulnerabilities with VEX audit details.



  • Use the version switcher dropdown to quickly navigate to other application versions.

  • Use the Download button to download the annotated SBOM.

  • Select a component from the list to view the component's details view.


Relationship of the reported dependencies. See Software Dependencies: A beginner's guide to learn more.

  • Direct - the explicit dependencies that a software component defines and employs.

  • Transitive - dependencies indirectly used by a software component brought into your application as dependencies for other components.

  • Unspecified - when the component's dependency information was not declared in the SBOM.

  • Vulnerabilities Summary - provides a total of known vulnerabilities for the components in the SBOM.

  • The percentage¬†of vulnerabilities annotated with exploitability¬†information refers to how complete the VEX annotation for known vulnerabilities is.