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Nexus Repository 3.46.0 Release Notes

Released January 30, 2023

Highlights in This Release

Removed Space Remaining Soft Quota Option for Cloud Blob Stores

As there is no way to determine how much space is available for cloud storage, we have removed this soft quota option for Azure and S3 blob stores.

Bug Fixes

This release includes multiple bug fixes, including a highly requested fix to the search REST API.

Removed Space Remaining Soft Quota for Azure and S3 Blob Stores

Our soft quota featuremonitors a blob store and raises an alert when it exceeds a configured constraint: either Space Used or Space Remaining. However, there is no way to determine how much space is available for cloud storage. To reduce any customer confusion, we have removed the Space Remaining option from the available soft quotas you can set for Azure and S3 blob stores.

Continued React Conversion Work

You may have noticed changes to some portions of the Nexus Repository user interface over the past year or so. This is because we have been diligently working on converting our user interface to use React components. Currently, only some of this work is visible to end users; for example, the current screens for configuring blob stores, the database connection, content selectors, and cleanup policies have all been fully converted to use React components. So have many other screens; but, not everything we've done is visible yet.

This release does not introduce any new visible changes to the user interface; however, we have continued to work behind the scenes on this effort to improve user experience and accessibility. Stay tuned for more updates in the future!

Bug Fixes



Fixed an issue with the search REST API that was causing unexpected and incorrect search results to be returned.


Made changes to improve Yum group metadata request performance.