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Data Insights


The visualizations described on this page have been sunsetted in IQ Server/Lifecycle release 170.

Please refer to Integrated Enterprise Reporting for the latest version of Data Insights, available from release 171 onwards.



Data Insights is an experimental set of analyses available in the Sonatype Lifecycle. Data Insights is sponsored and developed by the Sonatype Data and Analytics team, and its goal is to drive future product capabilities around data. The Experimental Feature caveats:

  • Supported by the Research Team via Sonatype Support. While the Research Team strives to provide the same great experience as Sonatype's Support team, response times may vary

  • Feature functionality may change without notice

  • Features may be removed without notice

  • Data for specific Data Insights may change without notice

  • Features are provided as-is, without warranty

To suggest improvements to these experimental features, visit


Data Insights uses billions of data points from the Sonatype Community, the open-source community, and our customers to give you a new perspective on open-source consumption patterns and technologies within your organization.

The goal of Data Insights is to kickstart a discussion about how, when, and why your organization consumes open-source components. Ideally, these analyses will help you prepare and implement good open-source governance policies.



To access Data Insights, select Data Insights from the left navigation bar.

In previous versions of Lifecycle, Data Insights are accessed through the cogwheel icon in the top right corner of the browser UI.


The following insights are currently available:

SBOM Scorecard

The SBOM Scorecard is a visual representation of the quality of component upgrade decisions made by your Java development teams. The goal of this analysis is to prompt discussions about component upgrade decisions in your organization.

Stack Divergence

The Stack Divergence analysis compares the popularity of components in your tech stack to the industry at large. This comparison helps you identify where you meet the de facto "standard" of the industry, and where you don't.

Nudges and Anomalies

The metrics in Nudges and Anomalies are key indicators of your platform usage and can reveal patterns and trends in your remediation process.

Rolling Recap

Rolling Recap shows graphical representations of the state of the Software Supply Chain for your organization. It unlocks trends and patterns by comparing your usage of Sonatype Lifecycle with the rest of the industry, over the past year.