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Nexus Repository 3 Upgrade Wizard

Nexus Repository includes upgrade capabilities which, when enabled, allow you to use an Upgrade Wizard that will walk you through migrating your Nexus Repository 2 configuration and repositories to a fresh Nexus Repository 3 instance.


Upgrading to Nexus Repository 3 using the Upgrade Wizard is always the preferred method.

The following sections will help you plan and perform your migration using this wizard.

  1. Understand what is included in, excluded from, and modified during the upgrade

  2. Ensure you meet all prerequisites; if you can't, you may need to reevaluate your upgrade path

  3. Decide on a data transfer method; if possible, we always recommend hard linking

  4. Take steps to optimize upgrade performance

  5. Configure the upgrade capabilities in your Nexus Repository 2 and 3 instances

  6. Follow our step-by-step guide through the wizard itself

  7. If you need to start over, reset your upgrade

  8. Configure legacy URL paths