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Product License

This section covers how to install the product license in the IQ Server.

For details on features and functionality provided by the Sonatype license, see License and Features. See the following KB article to learn about the user-base license model.

Automatic license installation

During the initial setup, the server may be configured to install a license file automatically. This property is not used for existing installations. An error will occur if the license file cannot be accessed.

Add the following property to the config.yml and update the path to your license file. A relative or absolute path may be used.

licenseFile: ./license.lic

Install using the REST API

While the server is running, a license may be installed or removed using the API.

See Product License REST API for details.

Log in for the first time

The first time you log into the server you are required to install a valid product license. The valid license is provided by the account team as .lic file.

The default server credentials are the user admin with the password admin123

  1. Navigate to the server URL (e.g. http://localhost:8070)

  2. Enter using the default admin credentials

  3. Upload your .lic file and select Install License

  4. Accept the user license agreement

  5. Update your admin password

Updating the license

When you renew a Lifecycle or Firewall license with Sonatype, you'll be sent a new .lic file. To update the license, follow the steps below.

  1. Log in as an Administrator

  2. Select the gear from the toolbar

  3. Select Product License

  4. Select Update License

  5. Navigate to and upload the license file

The browser UI should immediately update to show the details of the new license file.

License details on the local system

As a Java application, Java saves the license details locally when a license file has been uploaded.

This has the following implications.

  1. Deleting the .lic file does not un-license the installation

  2. Using Unlicense from the browser UI does not remove details about the license from the server

Linux Users

Details about your license file are saved in the following location.


Mac Users

Details about the license are saved in the Library preferences.


You may need to use the following command to delete details of the license file.

defaults delete

Windows Users

Details about the license file are saved in the registry. Use regedit.exe and check both of these locations.