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Custom Quarantine Messages


Repository Firewall can be configured to provide a custom quarantine message when a component request fails a Firewall policy. This message is included in the command line output along with the default Firewall quarantine messages. This message can be used to instruct your developers on how they can respond when components are quarantined during their build or repository fetch requests.


  • Repository Firewall license

  • IQ Server release 165 or greater

  • Nexus Repository Pro version 3.58 or greater

  • Review the IQ Server configuration API for guidance on configuring the IQ Server


  • The custom message could be up to 500 chars

  • The message can contain a secondary URL to internal instructions

  • The custom message can be set using the IQ Server API

Setting a custom message

Send a command to the configuration API to PUT a JSON object containing the quarantinedItemCustomMessage property.

curl -u admin:admin123 -X PUT -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d '{"quarantinedItemCustomMessage": "A custom quarantine message http://domain/my/custom/quarantine/url"}' "http://localhost:8070/api/v2/config"

Getting the current message

You may use a GET request to check the value of the quarantinedItemCustomMessage property from the config API.

curl -u admin:admin123 -X GET "http://localhost:8070/api/v2/config?property=quarantinedItemCustomMessage"

Deleting the custom message

Similarly, you can use a DELETE request to remove the quarantinedItemCustomMessage.

curl -u admin:admin123 -X DELETE "http://localhost:8070/api/v2/config?property=quarantinedItemCustomMessage"