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Search Examples

The following are examples using the Advanced Search.

Single field search

VulnerabilityId is used when no fieldName is specified. Results exactly match the value.


Searching for multiple phrases separated by whitespace

Use quotes when the search requires you include a space.

fieldName:"value1 value2"

Boolean operators for multiple fields search

Boolean operators are case-sensitive. When no boolean operator is specified the OR operator is used.

OR or || must satisfy one condition or the other condition

fieldName1:value1 OR fieldName2:value2
fieldName1:value1 || fieldName2:value2

AND or && must satisfy both conditions

fieldName1:value1 AND fieldName2:value2
fieldName1:value1 && fieldName2:value2

NOT or ! or - must not be the condition

fieldName1:value1 NOT fieldName2:value2
fieldName1:value1 ! fieldName2:value2
fieldName1:value1 - fieldName2:value2

Using boosting operator

A boosting operator is used to specify the relevancy order for the search results. You can boost a term within a query to increase its relevance by changing the order in which it appears in the results.

fieldName1:value1^x OR fieldName2:value2

Note that x, must be positive, may be fractional, with the default of 1.

Search using wildcards * and ?

These results have a value starting with 'v' following with zero or many characters


These results have a value starting with 'v' following with any single character


Search using regular expressions (regex)

These result have a value matching the regular expression.


Search using fuzzy expressions

These results have some value within 0 to 2 edits of the search value.


When no maximum (x) is specified, then the default number of 2 is used


Search using proximity expressions

These results have each value within x words of the other. Effective with fields consisting of multiple words, like description fields.

fieldName:"value1 value2"~x

Search based on a range

These results include both values

fieldName:[value1 TO value2]

These results are exclusive of the values

fieldName:{value1 TO value2}

Search by grouping values

Grouping values are effective with fields consisting of multiple words, like description fields.

fieldName:((value1 OR value2) AND value3)
(fieldName1:value1 OR (fieldName2:value2 AND fieldName3:value3))

Escape characters while building the search query

The list of special characters; can be escaped using a backslash \ character.

+ - && || ! ( ) { } [ ] ^ " ~ * ? : \ /