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From AdministrationSystemNodes, you can protect your server’s database from write access by activating read-only mode. This allows you to avoid modifications to your server configuration and blob stores when performing system maintenance.

To enable it:

  1. Click Nodes, under System in the Administration menu

  2. Click Enable read-only mode


Anything that would require a change to a database will fail during read-only mode.

The button becomes Disable read-only mode when enabled. A banner appears above the main toolbar, notifying you that read-only mode is activated.

Disabling read-only mode, by clicking the Disable read-only mode button returns the server to its original, writable state.


Note that if you are using one of our High Availability deployment options and a node is not shut down gracefully, this node will continue to appear on the Nodes page for a few seconds.

High Availability Clustering (HA-C) (Legacy) Notes

In High Availability Clustering (Legacy) mode, the Nodes screen also provides a summary of all active nodes. The screen keeps a record of all running nodes that you manage in table form.High Availability Clustering (Legacy)

When you click a row, you get a detailed summary of the chosen node.

The summary lists:

  • Node Identity, a unique ID accessible via the System Information

  • Socket Address, the address corresponding to the server

When running in HA-C mode the Nodes screen displays all synchronized nodes in the table. View the table to monitor and verify server connections.