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Nexus Repository Reference Architecture 1


Do you fit this profile?

This reference architecture describes deployment strategies and system requirements for a single Nexus Repository deployment not exceeding the following specifications:

  • 50 max licensed contributing developers who are part of the software development lifecycle

  • 20,000 max requests per day

  • 20 repositories max

  • 20GB max blob storage

If you don’t fit this profile, please see the reference architecture main page to find the deployment profile that best matches your needs.

Single Instance in VM/EC2/Docker

A single instance of Sonatype Nexus Repository deployed in a VM/EC2/Docker is well-suited to handle smaller loads.

System Requirements

  • Single Sonatype Nexus Repository instance

  • 8CPU

  • 16GB RAM

  • 100GB Instance Disk Size

  • Compatible Database

    • PostgreSQL Database (Recommended)

      • 200 Max Connections

      • 4GB Shared Buffer

      • 12GB Cache Size

    • Embedded Database (OrientDB or H2)

      • 2703M Max Direct Memory Size (OrientDB only)

Setup Documentation

Use one of our standard single-instance installation methods.