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Sonatype Nexus Repository 3.49.0 Release Notes

Released March 6, 2023

Highlights in This Release

New Default Logic for Admin - Cleanup unused asset blobs Task

The Admin - Cleanup unused asset blobs task now uses batch delete by default.

Bug Fixes

This release primarily focuses on improving Sonatype Nexus Repository quality by resolving bugs.

New Default Logic for Admin - Cleanup unused asset blobs Task (Pro)

In 3.43.0, we added a system property to enable batch delete for the Admin - Cleanup unused asset blobs task; using batch delete greatly improved the task's performance. To allow you to benefit from this behavior without taking extra steps, we have now made batch delete the default behavior.

Note that if you were already using the previously existing system property, you don't need to do anything after upgrading.

Upgrade Impact

Suppose you are using an H2 or PostgreSQL database, after upgrading. In that case, you will need to run an Apt - Rebuild Apt metadata task for each existing Apt repository in order to rebuild their metadata.

Bug Fixes



Error responses from the roles REST API now use a consistent format.


Fixed an issue that was causing staging moves to fail with an NPE for multi-arch Docker images.


Adding old privileges to a role after migrating to PostgreSQL now works as expected.


The Security Users view in the user interface no longer unnecessarily queries the database for all user role mappings.


Changing a proxy repository's online state no longer enables/disables the Audit and Quarantine capability.


Component links in the Browse UI no longer delimit GAV paths with "%2F" instead of a forward slash.


Fixed an issue that was causing assets downloaded via the UI to be saved with group ID and underscores instead of the expected name and extension.


Fixed an issue that was causing the Database Migrator to fail if a blobstore name contained a colon.


Fixed the blobref parsing so that it can handle blobstore names with colon.