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Bundle Development

Nexus Repository is built on top of the OSGi container Apache Karaf. This supporting core infrastructure provides a foundation for these editions. The functionality is encapsulated in a number of OSGi bundles. Each edition is composed of a number of bundles, that provide the specific features.

Bundles can provide further functionality for the back-end such as support for new repository formats, specific behaviour for components, new tasks, and any other additional functionality as well as new user interface components and modifications. They can also group a number of these features together in one bundle.

This section provides a high level overview and information to begin developing your own bundles for the Nexus platform, and specifically the Nexus Repository.

Knowledge of Apache Maven and Java are required for your bundle development efforts. OSGi-related knowledge is highly relevant and beneficial. Please ensure to consult the documentation for the relevant projects, when necessary.

If you work on any bundle development and require any help or assistance, please contact the development team via:


This documentation is not complete and Sonatype encourages you to provide feedback to help us answer any questions you might have and improve this section as needed.