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Restore the IQ Server

All deployments need to be able to restore the IQ Server in case of a disaster. In most scenarios, restoring the IQ Server is as simple as transferring the last known usable backup to your production environment and restarting the service.

  1. Contact Sonatype Support before beginning disaster recovery work by opening a ticket.

  2. Shut down the server before beginning the restore procedure.

  3. Restore the same version as taken from the backup. The name of the server application contains the version number.

Notable Issues

A version mismatch between the server application .jar, the config.yml, and the database may cause issues. Back up the whole environment to avoid these issues.

Broken report links may occur when the sonatype-work directory and the database are not backed up at the same time. Re-scan the applications to resolve these issues.

Do not attempt to restore and upgrade the IQ Server at the same time. First, restore the IQ Server before attempting to upgrade.

Containerized Deployments

Containerized deployments require persistent volumes that contain everything needed to run the IQ Server. To restore the IQ Server from a containerized deployment, use the last known good persistent volumes and move them into your production environment.

Collaborate with your container management team, if your organization has one. Start your restore procedure by bringing them into the conversation.

Enterprise deployments with an external Postgres database

To restore the IQ Server:

  1. Contact your PostgreSQL database administrator

  2. Identify the last known good backup

  3. From the backup, copy the server files and sonatype-work directory

  4. Restore the Postgres database from the backup that closely matches the copy of the sonatype-work directory.

  5. Start the IQ Server

To restore the Postgres database, refer to the PostgreSQL documentation.

Enterprise deployments with the embedded H2 database

To restore the IQ Server:

  1. Identify the last known good backup

  2. From the backup, copy the server files and sonatype-work directory

  3. Start the IQ Server