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Operational Menu

The Operational Menu is a simple landing page listing API endpoints for monitoring the IQ Server. These endpoints are bound to the adminConnectors property of the HTTP Configuration. You may navigate to this page directly on the server using the http://localhost:8071 URL.


The API endpoints exposed on the adminConnectors port are not protected by credentials as some monitoring tools require. This port should never be opened to traffic outside a private subnet as abuse will impact the server's health.


API Endpoints


This API returns the raw metrics from the server in a JSON format. The results can be used with monitoring tools, such as Splunk or Prometheus, to graph the server performance. Including the ?pretty=true property will make the output human-readable but is not required for integration with monitoring tools.



This API performs a low-impact port test which produces a simple HTML message of ‘pong’ and a successful HTTP code of 200. Useful for coding and testing for load balancers to make sure that the server is up and available to send/receive traffic. Consider using the /healthcheck endpoint below for high availability status checks.

curl -I http://localhost:8071/ping


This API is a troubleshooting tool when details about the java threads are needed.



This API returns a short set of server status checks in a JSON format. These data points are the preferred method for determining the server's health when testing the server's availability by a load balancer for a highly available cluster or in another failover process. Including the ?pretty=true property will make the output human-readable but is not required for integration with monitoring tools.

The returned data points are as follows:

  • deadlocks → locked threads of the service

  • ods-database → the database is available and ready (either H2 or Postgres)

  • product-license → the license is installed and has not expired

  • work-directory → the stored drive is available and writable


CPU Profile & Contention

These APIs output a file used by support when troubleshooting CPU issues.



Other Admin APIs

The admin connector exposes additional endpoints used to trigger internal maintenance tasks manually. These tasks should mostly be avoided unless recommended during guidance from the Sonatype Support team. A few are detailed below however most will remain unpublished.

Data Retention and Purging

Manually trigger the data retention task which is scheduled to run nightly.


Triggering Continuous Monitoring

Manually start the nightly Continuous Monitoring tasks.