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Nexus Repository 3.42.0 Release Notes

Released September 26, 2022

Highlights in This Release

Search Improvements

We have changed how component search works in order to eliminate delays.

Various Bug Fixes

This release includes a number of important bug fixes.

Improvement to Logs for Remove Quarantined Versions Feature PRO

In 3.35.0, we introduced the Remove Quarantined Versions feature. With this release, any metadata file changes made by using this feature are now logged in $data-dir/log/nexus.log and $data-dir/log/audit.log. This allows for Nexus Repository to provide more accurate and detailed logs.

Search Improvements

In order to improve search performance, component search will not perform a search query until you have specified search criteria. This should eliminate delays that may have previously existed when search would initiate a request as soon as you landed on the page in the user interface.

Eclipse Jetty Upgrade

To ensure we are taking advantage of available improvements and fixes, we upgraded Eclipse Jetty from version 9.4.43.v2021062 to version 9.4.48.v20220622.

Bug Fixes



Requesting a Nexus Firewall quarantined component through a group repository now appropriately returns a 403 status instead of a 404.


Fixed a connection leak for hosted Helm repositories using AWS S3.


Go proxy metadata in group repositories is now cached using Max metadata age.


Fixed an issue that was causing some Nexus upgrades to fail with a NullPointerException at the OrientBlobReconciliationLogMigrator stage.


Added additional details to the DB Migrator log about why assets are filtered during migration.


Resolved an issue that was sometimes preventing newly published packages in hosted NPM repositories from being marked as the latest version in group repositories to which the hosted repository belongs.


NuGet v3 search against a hosted repository now returns the expected version.


The audit.log and task log files now record deleted components.


The Nexus Repository instance ID is now preserved during migration from OrientDB to PostgreSQL.