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Nexus Repository 3.34.0 - 3.34.1 Release Notes

September 23, 2021 (3.34.1)

Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) Fix (3.34.0)

This release introduces repository replication for Nexus Repository Pro customers. Repository replication allows you to publish artifacts to one Nexus Repository Pro instance and make them available on other instances to provide faster artifact availability across distributed teams.

New Formats Supported for PostgreSQL and H2 Databases (3.34.0) PRO

In this release, we added support for Cocoapods, RubyGems, p2, and Go for those using H2 or PostgreSQL databases..

Improvements to Nexus Repository 2 to 3 Migration

We have made multiple improvements to our Nexus Repository 2 to 3 migrator, including improved application logging.

Content type validation is now disabled on migrated repositories. You can enable this validation in repository configuration after completing migration.

Changed Default Location for Storing Import Task Metadata

We changed the default location for storing import task metadata in order to better separate it from Nexus Repository 2 metadata. No user action is required.

Improvements to Replication User Interface

You will now only see and be able to select repositories in the formats that repository replication currently supports (raw and Maven) when selecting source and target repositories.

September 1, 2021 (3.34.0)

Repository Replication PRO

We know that many of your teams are distributed across multiple locations, which is why we designed repository replication to help you get artifacts to everyone on your team more quickly and efficiently. With replication, you manage what binaries can be replicated between two or more instances. The diagram below provides an overview of how replication works:

With repository replication, customers can now easily manage the distribution of their hosted components across multiple instances to improve the availability and shorten access time for development teams and the CI/CD toolchain.

We also want to express our appreciation to the customers who tested our product preview version of repository replication and gave us feedback. Your continued support and feedback help us make repository replication a useful feature that benefits all our customers.

Additional Formats for PostgreSQL and H2 Databases PRO

In this release, we added support for the following formats for those using H2 or PostgreSQL databases:

  • Cocoapods

  • RubyGems

  • p2

  • Go

Ticket Number



To facilitate migrating from Nexus Repository 2 to Nexus Repository 3, the npm package.json author field can now accept both map and string values.


"Manifest invalid" message when running the Docker GC task.


Last downloaded field not properly updating when installing or downloading through R proxy.


Nexus Database Migrator fails when symlink is used for data directory or data directory not in standard location.

NEXUS-28 853

This release includes a security fix for an HTTP header injection. See the CVE-2021-40143 advisory for full details. If you are using an earlier version, you should upgrade to this release immediately.