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Cloud Deployments

Sonatype provides templates and Docker images for the following cloud providers and tools.

Amazon Web Services Cloud Formation

Cloud Formation can be used to create Sonatype Nexus Repository and Sonatype IQ Server deployments in AWS.

Docker Hub

Docker images are available on Docker Hub and are delivered from an associated GitHub repository.

Nexus Repository Manager

Helm Charts for Kubernetes


A Helm Chart (GitHub, ArtifactHub) is available for our on-premises, AWS, and Azure resiliency and high availability deployment options. Be sure to read the deployment instructions in the associated README file before using the chart.

Red Hat OpenShift


As explained in our Feature Sunsetting documentation, Sonatype does not recommend using the OrientDB container/operator due to data corruption risks when running the embedded OrientDB database inside container orchestration (Kubernetes, OpenShift). The container/operator for OrientDB deployments will be officially sunset on December 15, 2023.

At the links below, the OrientDB container/operator is called "Nexus Repository Certified Operator" and "Nexus Repository Certified Operator Bundle." This notice and the official sunset only apply to these two items.

The "Nexus Repository HA Certified Operator" and "Nexus Repository HA Certified Operator Bundle" are new, work with a PostgreSQL database, and will continue to be supported and maintained.

Certified containers are available through the Red Hat Container Catalog.

Kubernetes Operators are available in the OpenShift OperatorHub for installing servers into OpenShift. Search inside your running OpenShift cluster's Operator Hub to find them.

Mesosphere DC/OS

Sonatype Nexus Repository is offered through the Mesosphere DC/OS Universe

This offering is available through the DC/OS user interface. The templates are available via mesosphere/universe.