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Combination Active/Active High Availability + Disaster Recovery Site


While our active/active high availability (HA) patterns provide protection against node or availability zone outages, combining this pattern with a disaster recovery (DR) site can also help protect against a regional outage.

In this pattern, an active/active HA cluster handles the primary load in the primary data center or spread across AZs in one region.

Then, at a DR site with a second data center or in a second region, you stand by ready to stand up another active/active HA cluster in the event of regional outage.

Combines With

Problems Addressed

  • Data loss

  • Data corruption

  • DR across data centers

  • DR across cloud regions

  • Scalability

  • Provides HA


  • Sonatype Nexus Repository Pro

  • Requires external PostreSQL database

  • Shared blob storage (resilient shared blob storage/AWS S3/Azure blob store)

Factors to Consider

HA is an advanced feature that requires careful consideration. Consider the following points before deploying to an HA environment:

  • Containerized and cloud HA deployments require using several advanced technologies (e.g., Kubernetes, cloud technologies) outside the Sonatype Suite's scope. You should ensure that you have in-house expertise in these technologies before attempting an HA deployment.

  • HA requires additional infrastructure and maintenance overhead (See our Sonatype Nexus Repository High Availability Performance Data (AWS, Azure)). Deploying HA without a strong need or use case may not yield your desired return on investment.

  • Sonatype Nexus Repository High Availability deployments should be fully deployed and tested in a development environment before attempting to deploy in production. Improper deployment in a production environment can result in critical data loss.

Available Resources

We have the following comprehensive help topics and sample files to help implement this pattern: