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Content Replication Pattern


Content Replication is a Sonatype Nexus Repository Pro feature that allows you to publish artifacts in one Sonatype Nexus Repository instance and then have another instance pre-emptively fetch via HTTP to provide faster artifact availability across distributed teams. This is different from (and faster than) Federated Repositories or Bi-Directional Proxying where a proxy repository must fetch content on demand.

Combines With

Problems Addressed

  • Fast, low-latency content availability across geographies

  • No timeouts for large file access


  • Sonatype Nexus Repository Pro

  • Both instances must be using a PostgreSQL database

  • Both source and target instance must use same Sonatype Nexus Repository version

  • High-bandwidth network

  • Selectivity about which repositories to proactively replicate

Factors to Consider

  • Consumes significant bandwidth

  • Not appropriate for disaster recovery

  • Content replication requires that the source repository be a hosted repository and the target be a proxy repository

Available Resources

We have the following comprehensive help topics to help implement this pattern: