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Nexus Repository 3.44.0 Release Notes

Released December 14, 2022

Highlights in This Release

Log4J Visualizer Changes

We've updated the Log4J Visualizer user interface to provide new guidance on integrating Nexus Firewall with Nexus Repository.

Multiple Bug Fixes

This release contains a number of important bug fixes.

Changes for PostgreSQL Deployments with Resultant Upgrade Impacts

Beginning with release 3.44.0, Nexus Repository 3 instances with PostgreSQL databases use the pg_trgm (trigram) module; we enabled this module to prepare for upcoming search performance improvements. This module may not be installed with PostgreSQL by default on all Linux distributions, which will result in an exception when attempting to upgrade. If you find yourself in this situation, you will need to install the postgresql-contrib package available from your Linux distribution. In order to install it, the PostgreSQL user must have CREATE privileges on the current database. See our knowledge base article for further information.

We have updated our documentation to note the new PostgreSQL database user permission requirements introduced as of 3.44.0.

Log4J Visualizer Changes

In this release, we refreshed the Log4j Visualizer user interface to provide enhanced guidance on how integrating Sonatype Repository Firewall with Nexus Repository can help you protect your organization from malicious attacks by scanning and blocking suspicious components.

Bug Fixes



Fixed an issue that prevented an npm proxy repository for which the remote URL is another npm proxy repository from getting the latest metadata if the second repository was using the Remove Quarantined Versions feature.


Fixed a permissions issue that was causing 403 errors for some users when performing searches.


The Search API no longer returns a null lastDownloaded field for assets that have been previously downloaded.


Updated the Admin - Remove a member from a blob store group task logic to prevent it from finishing prematurely before transferring all blobs.


Passing the NEXUS_CONTEXT environment variable to set context path now works as expected.


PyPI package versions published using twine before upgrading to 3.41.0 or later are no longer missing from /simple index.


Release 3.40.0 included an automatic upgrade step that migrated blob deletion tracking info into the PostgreSQL/H2 database (OrientDB is not affected). On upgrading to version 3.40.0, this processing could significantly increase repository startup time. In this release, we moved the processing to the background, and it should no longer delay first start availability times beyond those typically encountered.


Fixed an issue that was preventing uploading npm packages with long build numbers.


Installing a helm chart from bitnami proxied through Nexus Repository no longer fails when the index.yaml file is large.


Merging Yum group metadata no longer fails with OutOfMemory errors.


Upgraded the database schema to mitigate some performance issues. You may experience a delay during startup after upgrading due to new database index creations.


Fixed an issue that was preventing task creation when group blob stores are present.