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Experimental APIs

Here at Sonatype, we are always looking to innovate new technologies and make those tools available sooner to our users. The Experimental APIs are Lab Features that allow our customers to use capabilities that are not supported for general usage.Data Insights

As the design of these capabilities is in motion you should expect them to change over time as new functionality is added and performance improved. These features are not intended to be used for critical workloads until we ensure that they are ready for production and become Generally Available (GA.)

If you wish to use them, and we hope you do, know that they are 'use at your own risk' so take the necessary precautions by backing up your environments regularly and/or restricting their usage to testing environments. If you do run into trouble, click on the Sonatype Labs link at

Here is the current list of published experimental APIs.

Like with all our innovative features, we want to learn from you. Please direct your feedback to our portal or let our Customer Success team know your thoughts.