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IQ Server Reference Architecture

Sonatype IQ Server is designed to handle varying volumes of application workloads. The stability and performance of your IQ Server installation depends upon:

  1. Deployment instance (type of AWS instance)

  2. Primary usage patterns (no. of scans per second)

  3. Scale of the deployment (application/user counts)

A general recommendation for IQ Server system requirements can be found here.

Based on the performance tests for varying amounts of operating workloads in real time environments, we have defined a set of hardware system recommendations, for different volumes and scale of the application workloads. These recommendations are designed to extract maximum ROI from your system resources that are provisioned for your IQ Server deployment.

Sizing your IQ Server Requirement

You can determine the size of your IQ Server deployment based on the table below:


Onboarded applications

Evaluation Frequency

(Evals per minute)

Select Reference Architecture


applications < 100


Small Sized Deployments


100 < applications < 1000


Medium Sized Deployments


applications > 1000


Large Sized Deployments

For High Availability Reference Architecture for IQ Server , refer to IQ Server High Availability Installation.