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IQ Server Directory and Files

The IQ Server file architecture uses and stores files in a few directories:

  • Installation directory - stores the primary server app, the CLI scanner, and the configuration file.

  • Sonatype-work directory - stores the data files including; the internal database, logs (configurable), reports, scans, and the search index.

  • Temporary directories - The server uses Java temporary directories to save details of your instance. The Java temporary directory is used to store transient server files for downloading and copying while the user prefs stores the license file.


The system user account that the server runs under must have sufficient access rights to both the work and temporary directory for the server to function properly.

Installation directory

Extracting the archive file has the following files.




In the format: {prefix}.{release}.{minor}-{build} (e.g 1.150.0-01)

The prefix is always 1 with the release is the current GA version. The minor and build are sometimes uses when there were issues with the initial release version.


Primary server executable


The command line scanner that can be used in your build environments. Use the same version as the installed server


The initial configuration for the server. Used on startup, however, many are moved to the database after initialization. See Config YAML for details.


The end user license agreement., demo.bat

Use for testing configuration, not recommended for production.


Basic configuration. Use the official docs when possible.

Log files

A log directory is created in the installation directory. Change this path by updating the following parameters in config YAML.

currentLogFilename: ./log/clm-server.log
archivedLogFilenamePattern: ./log/clm-server-%d.log.gz

See Logging Configuration for details.

Sonatype-work directory

IQ Server creates a directory to store its data and configuration during the initial startup on the path relative to the location of the invoking java command. The directory is configured in config YAML.

sonatypeWork: ./sonatype-work/iq-server

On startup, the server will check this path for the instance of IQ Server. The server will create the directory and initial files when they do not already exist. Set the property to a different location to separate the installation and data directories.

Deleting or moving the sonatype-work directory is an accepted way to 'start over' with your deployment.

System temporary directory

IQ Server uses the system temporary directory during its operation. This folder varies by operating system. If a specific directory needs to be used, the IQ Server can be started with a command line flag as such: