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Backup/Same-Site Restore


The backup/same-site restore pattern is the most common and simplest pattern to address data integrity and corruption concerns. With this pattern, you simply back up your Sonatype Nexus Repository instance so that you can restore from a point in time should it become necessary.

Combines With

You can and should use this pattern with any and all other desired patterns. Backup and restore is an essential foundational pattern.

Problems Addressed

  • Data loss

  • Data corruption


  • Large storage capacity for blob stores and database

  • Careful choice of Recovery Point Objective (RPO)

  • Must be validated and tested

Factors to Consider

  • Can be expensive at scale

  • Recovery Time Objective (RTO) can be long

    • Ensure you are backing up frequently

    • The frequency at which you back up determines how long it takes you to recover (RTO) and how much data you stand to lose in the event of downtime (RPO)

  • Restoration process should be tested

  • Implement this pattern correctly first before attempting to implement a more complex pattern

Available Resources

The following help topics may be helpful when implementing this pattern: