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CLI error messages

The resulting file contains a log of errors that occurred during the policy evaluation in the following format:

    "errorMessage" : "<some error message>",
    "isSystemError" : <true or false>

errorMessage - a test of the error message that happened during the CLI run

isSystemError - an indicator of whether it is a system or configuration error

Error examples:

1. User has provided the wrong application ID (this is a configuration error, i.e. "isSystemError" is false)

    "errorMessage" : "The application ID testapp02 is invalid.",
    "isSystemError" : false

2. IQ Server is down (this is a system error, i.e. "isSystemError" is true)

    "errorMessage" : "The IQ Server http://localhost:8070 could not be contacted: Unknown host: localhost: nodename nor servname provided, or not known",
    "isSystemError" : true