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Configuring Outbound Traffic

Network Access to Sonatype Data Services

The IQ Server needs to communicate securely with the Sonatype Data Services using HTTPS.

Network firewall and HTTP proxy server administrators must ensure the following URL is accessible to IQ Server:

The IQ Server sends notification emails containing links to static resources loaded from:

Email clients should also have access to the subdomain.

HTTP Proxy Server

Many organizations manage HTTP network traffic via an HTTP proxy server. To allow the IQ Server to reach Sonatype Data Services, you may have to configure IQ Server to use a specific HTTP Proxy Server for outbound requests. The proxy server must support the CONNECT method of tunneling.

IQ Server 84 and newer

The connection details are specified using the HTTP Proxy Server Configuration REST API or through IQ Server's UI via the Proxy option in the System Preferences menu.

NTLM Authentication


IQ Server supports NTLM 1 authentication. It does not support NTLM 2.

If your proxy server uses NTLM authentication, supply your username in the following format:


IQ Server 83 and older

The connection details are specified in the proxy section of the config.yml file, which by default is commented out.

Example Disabled Proxy Configuration in config.yml

# Proxy settings.

  # The host running the proxy server to use.
  #hostname: ""

  # The port at which the proxy server listens on.
  #port: 80

  # The username used to access the proxy server.
  #username: "anonymous"

  # The password used to access the proxy server.
  #password: "guest"

Uncomment the proxy section and adjust the values to match your configuration.

NTLM Authentication

If your proxy server uses NTLM authentication supply your username in the following format:

Example NTLM Authentication Based HTTP Proxy Username

  username: "DOMAIN\\username"

Appending a User-Agent To Outbound Requests

You may customize the user-agent header used for HTTP requests when needed by some network firewall configurations.

Control characters are not permitted in the user agent and the max length of the text is 128 characters.

Configure the user agent string as follows:

For IQ Server Release 142 and later

Via the configuration REST API.

For IQ Server Release 141 and prior

Add the following line to the IQ Server config.yml:

userAgentSuffix: "test string"