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Searching for Docker images can be performed in the user interface as described in Searching for Components. This search will find all Docker images that are currently stored in repositories, either because they have been pushed to a hosted repository or they have been proxied from an upstream repository and cached in the repository manager.

The more common use case for a Docker user is to search for images on the command line:

$ docker search postgres
NAME      DESCRIPTION                                  STARS  OFFICIAL  AUTOMATED
postgres  The PostgreSQL object-relational database... 1025   [OK]      ...

By default this search uses Docker Hub as preconfigured in docker and will only find images available there. A more powerful search is provided by the repository manager when searching against a repository group. An example looking for a postgres image on Nexus Repository Manager OSS running on the host and exposing a repository group with a repository connector port of 18443 looks like this:

docker search

The results include all images found in the repositories that are part of the repository group. This includes any private images you have pushed to your hosted repositories. In addition it includes all results returned from the remote repositories configured as proxy repositories in the group. Searching in a specific repository can be achieved by using the repository connector port for the specific repository.


Searching can be done from the command line anonymously by setting up your individual repositories.