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Large Sized Deployments

What is a Large Size Deployment?

Onboarded Applications

applications > 1000

Scan Frequency

30 evaluations per minute



16 minimum


64 GB minimum


PostgreSQL Server

RDS Instance Type ((optional, if using Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL)

db.m5.4xlarge (16 vCPU, 64 GiB RAM) minimum

Reference Architecture Diagram:


High Availability active-active Deployment

High Availability (HA) configurations for Sonatype IQ Server are designed to protect against individual components failure and causing system downtime. Examples of failures include:

  1. AWS Availability Zone (AZ) outage (within a single AWS region)

  2. Node/server (EC2) failures

  3. IQ Service/database failures

Refer to Recommendations and Reference Architecture for Sonatype IQ HA for more information.