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Disaster Recovery Site

Disaster Recovery Site deployment pattern

The disasterrecovery pattern provides recovery across data centers or cloud regions. Your disaster recovery site will have a cold standby node ready to go so that you can spin up a Sonatype Nexus Repository instance and switch to this site in the event of failure at your primary site.

Combines With

You can use this pattern with any and all other desired patterns. Disaster recovery is an essential foundational pattern.

Problems Addressed

  • Data loss

  • Data corruption

  • Disaster recovery across data centers

  • Disaster recovery across cloud regions


  • External PostgreSQL database highly recommended for best Recovery Point Objective (RPO) PRO

  • Large storage capacity for blob stores and database

  • Must be validated and tested

Factors to Consider

  • Recovery Time Objective (RTO) can be long

  • Can be expensive at scale

  • Falling back must be done carefully