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Enabling A Global Webhook Capability


Figure: Global Webhook: Management Capability Settings

To enable a global webhook, perform the following steps:

  1. Select Capabilities to open the Capabilities panel, located in the Administration menu

  2. Click the Create capability button to get to the Select Capability Type table

  3. Select Webhook: Global to open the Create Webhook: Global Capability panel

  4. Complete the form by selecting which Event Types you’d like to have events sent, entering the URL you would like the events to be sent to.


A Global: Webhook capability for Event Type audit requires that you also enable the Audit capability, in order for events to be fed to the webhook.

This form also includes an option to use a Secret Key for sending your events with a HMAC payload digest.


Webhooks will provide a sha1 hash of the JSON body using a shared secret key. This allows you to verify the data integrity as well as its authenticity. The JSON body is hashed without whitespace and this hash is provided in the header as X-Nexus-Webhook-Signature.

After you enable the capability, you will now see the Webhook: Global capability in the list of Capabilities.