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Validating Your HA Deployment


Only available in Sonatype Nexus Repository Pro. Interested in a free trial? Start here.

Sonatype Nexus Repository has a couple of ways for you to see detailed information about your deployed nodes and verify your deployment.

Node Health Status

Sonatype Nexus Repository provides node health status information on the Status screen under AdministrationSupportStatus. You can also access this screen by selecting the health status icon that appears in the main header at all times. This icon will appear as a green circle with a check mark when system status is completely healthy. It will appear as a red circle with an "X" in it when there are status issues to examine.


It may take a few minutes for the icon to change from the red "X" to the green check mark after you fix an issue or start a node.

The Node Status table lists each node by name along with any available error information.

Select a node from the Name column to view more detailed information about that node.

See the Health Status Checks section of our Support Features topic for full details about the provided node status information that you can use you evaluate your deployment.

System Information

Another way to get detailed information about each of your deployed nodes is via the System Information screen under AdministrationSupportSystem Information. Here, you can select a specific node from a drop-down menu and view detailed configuration information for that node.

See the System Information section of the Support Features topic for more information.

Support Zips

Users with the nx-admin role can produce a support zip for each Nexus Repository node by navigating to AdministrationSupportSupport Zip. Here, you will find the option to create a ZIP archive file for each node. These files provide detailed information about each Sonatype Nexus Repository node, which you can use to evaluate if your deployment is as expected. You can also submit support zips to Sonatype support via email or a support ticket.

See the Support Zip section of the Support Features topic for full information on generating support zips.